The founder of the company, Bastiano, is an agronomist and, traditionally, manages and manages the cultivation itself by performing pruning, sanitary and vintage cultivation. In the cellar he chairs wine making and wine management until bottling.

The new levers, Mariateresa (owner of the company since 1 January 2017) and Antonio, who have been breathing in the atmosphere of the vineyard and the cellar since their birth, are assisted in these works. Carmela’s mother deals with administration and marketing, intervening in the wine cellar and in the vineyard.

Therefore, a small-sized company with a distinctly small cut, however, makes use of the expertise of agronomists and oenologists who are an integral part of the working group, both in the vineyard and in the cellar.

A young company aiming at quality without Quantum claims, inspired by tradition, and at the same time, uses the latest technology to go from the vine to the bottle with a view to family activities, with the utmost opening to external expertise.